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Parkland, the mostly residential city in the most northwestern part of Broward County in Florida, is known for its homes with large acreages and, most recently, for its newest homes construction in private gated communities offering many amenities, including golf courses. Parkland is an authentic family-style city, consisting mostly of single-family homes and very few condominiums or rental style neighborhoods. Since incorporation Parkland was a residential city, only a few businesses exist inside the city except on the neighboring streets and roads adjacent to the Parkland. I miss those days, I remember, when not that long ago, many areas were still farmland and picking straight from the farm; fresh tomatoes. onions and potatoes, and right after enjoying little potato pancakes parties. :(
All gone by now, and many residential options today are in its place.
If privacy and large acreage estates are your dreams or best school system for your children, Parkland may be the place to look. Feel free to check all out by clicking the button below, and feel free to contact me directly for additional information, in selling, renting, or make an offer.

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